How to save money on plane tickets

Tired of those links to sign up for a credit card because of some deal to fly cheaper?  What about those links that tell you that if you get enough frequent flyer miles, and sign up for whatever promotion, then you will be able to fly cheaper?  Perhaps these methods are legitimate and work, but that’s not what you are looking for is it?  Flying is expensive, and you want the cheapest options you can find!  There is a secret I will share with you for finding these cheap flights because they do exist; you just need to know how to find them.  Depending on where you want to go, and where you are coming from, a flight could be a huge range of prices.

Additionally if you are flying over longer distances, you may be forced into layovers and end up wasting a whole day just to get to your destination.  Another layer to the puzzle that leads to flight expenses is that to avoid these layovers, the direct flights can be ridiculously expensive.

Here are a few scenarios for you to consider.  Just the other day I had to fly from Newark, an airport that receives an extreme amount of traffic, and had to go to New Orleans.  Now the MSH airport in New Orleans does not get a lot of traffic, and thus there are fewer flights.  This jacked up the prices of the various flights I was looking at.  Not only that, but the flights I was looking that I deemed “reasonable” at around five hundred dollars round trip were with a layover in Chicago, or a layover in North Carolina.  All in the entire trip was going to be ten hours.  My other option was to take a direct flight from Newark to New Orleans; the only problem was that this flight was $1200.  There must be a better way!

Now, this trick will surely help you find cheap flights, but it may not be on the airlines that you prefer.  If you are like me, you really don’t care about the airlines, but just the cheapest way to get from my location to my destination.  There is a catch though and you are about to find out what it is.

Begin by searching for a major city that is further than where you want to end up.  To compare, New Orleans would not be a major city, but perhaps Atlanta would.  Now, this is when it gets a little funky.  You look for a flight to a destination that is further than your actual destination, and look for one with a connecting flight.  As I said before, the direct flights are much more expensive because who wants to stop?  This is the ticket you buy!  When you land, you miss your connecting flight, and when you are ready to come back, you catch the second connecting flight back to your original location.

Here is an example if the above is slightly confusing.  Let’s say I want to travel to Las Vegas from Philadelphia.  I’m unhappy with the direct flight prices from Philadelphia to Las Vegas.  However, I find a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco lets say, with a layover in Las Vegas that is much cheaper.  This is where you get your money’s worth because this flight is intended for people flying from Philadelphia to San Francisco.  But because there is a layover in Las Vegas, and that is actually where you want to go, this flight is in fact cheaper than the direct flight to Las Vegas from Philadelphia.  Enjoy this little trick; it will save you lots of money!

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