No matter where you are from one thing is for certain, you should at some point or another explore!  Life is simply too short to go through the same routine everyday.  No matter if you are rich or poor, the world is your oyster!  Go explore, and learn about a new place.  Lets briefly discuss exactly where you would want to go through Europe for example, if all you have is a few days to explore!

Lets start with beautiful Italy, home of some of the finest wines and foods that we like to enjoy here in the United States.  Italy itself is so limitless, each city so magnificent and unique in it’s own way.  The go to that everyone thinks for is Rome of course, and as most people think, it is worthy of the praise it gets.  Let’s start with the gorgeous Spanish Steps, and of course the ancient and famous Coliseum.  These sights are absolute must-sees when venturing to Italy.  It would unforgivable to visit Rome and not go to these sights!  If you have more time in Rome, go visit the Sistine Chapel, the breathtaking masterpiece by Michelangelo.  Daily, lines run out the door to view the most beautiful ceiling canvas.   Next you could visit the beautiful water based city of Venice, and enjoy a rich glass of limoncello.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Next lets take a look at the United Kingdom.  Of course you must visit London, but you should visit Scotland and Ireland as well.  Though most think of simply London, all of these areas are unique and beautiful.  The thing to be careful about though of course when going through London is cost!  The monetary unit of the pound is quite powerful, and thus food, liquids, and other necessities are at a higher price than usual.  Once in London of course you must visit the Tower of London, an extremely historic building, one that is at the root of its history.  Next, you should see the London Royal Air Force Museum. Though not usually on a list of top places to visit while in London, it is one of the most enjoyable sights of London, especially for children who can interact with the virtual theatres they have in place.    I would also recommend seeing Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.    Unlike the aforementioned museum, this palace is on everyone’s go to on a visit list.  Though it is over flooded with tourists, it is well worth a visit, and is loaded with rich history and culture.  You know you are going to want that fridge magnet of you and your family in front of Buckingham Palace!

Next, you are going to have to visit Spain!  The country is flooded with culture and here is a brief list of the places you must go to.  You must go to the white villages of Pueblos Blancos, a classic tourist attraction.  The Alhambra and Gaudi’s Masterpiece in Barcelona are also absolute must-sees.  Each of these places represent the very unique cultures of Europe.